August 30th

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Elvis Costello - Secondary Modern

"this must be the place, second place in the human race"

August 28th

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August 19th

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Pee Wee & Dwight

Saw this photo in the lecture by edrode last week, which is up through Thursday on the Annenberg’s site.

July 30th

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Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster || THEE OH SEES

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July 20th

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Dangerous Don Rich died in a motorcycle accident 40 years ago today

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July 16th

9:40PM // The Jayhawks, live in Germany, 06/95, Sioux City - YouTube

6:26PM // 1 note // Neil Young - Old Man

July 12th

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The Strokes at Mtv 2 bill concert - 2002

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July 4th

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Don’t cry
You can rely on me honey
You can come by any time you want”

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July 2nd

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